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Carter's Crew

Carter's Crew Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Total Raised: $2,078.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 40
Members Recruited: 40

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Team Members:
Total Raised$2,078.00  
General Team Donation$575.00  
Stacie Lindeman$12.00  
   Casey Anderson$12.00  
   Anna Calhoun$12.00  
   George Calhoun$212.00  
   Todd Calhoun$12.00  
   Amanda Harner$20.00  
   Elaine Harner$20.00  
   Amanda Ifantiedes$50.00  
   Tina Ifantiedes$62.00  
   Jackson LaGuardia$5.00  
   John LaGuardia$40.00  
   Landen LaGuardia$5.00  
   Meghan LaGuardia$30.00  
   Colin Lindeman$5.00  
   Coy Lindeman$5.00  
   Cynthia Lindeman$637.00  
   Nina Lindeman$5.00  
   Nolan Lindeman$5.00  
   Ralph Lindeman$62.00  
   Todd Lindeman$12.00  
   Ava Lucey$5.00  
   Beth Lucey$12.00  
   Brady Lucey$5.00  
   Josh Lucey$5.00  
   Mary Lucey$12.00  
   Nela Lucey$12.00  
   Sophia Lucey$5.00  
   Tim Lucey$12.00  
   Ian MacGregor$5.00  
   Jill MacGregor$12.00  
   Libby MacGregor$5.00  
   Mike MacGregor$12.00  
   Lily Mann$12.00  
   Carl May$20.00  
   Russell Novak$20.00  
   Hanna Peters$12.00  
   Debbie Schindewolf$20.00  
   Doris Schindewolf$20.00  
   Gene Schindewolf$37.00  
   Kathleen Schindewolf$37.00  

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